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Trackers Trigger


Pig Trap Door Trigger

Giving you control of your trapping!

Save time in driving long distances and into remote areas to set your trap.

Set the trap remotely with a text message from your phone.

Keep your human scent in the area to a minimum to allow success with trap shy pigs.

Waterproof control box.

How it works:

  • Set up a new SIM card. (Recommend SIM card with best coverage in your area – usually Telstra)
  • Link the SIM card to your Trackers Trigger control box (with instructions provided)
  • Fix your control box to a suitable place on your trap/door.
  • Connect your control box to a 12V battery.
  • Monitor your trap with a 4G or live camera.
  • Text the control box from your mobile phone when you are ready to set your trap.

Full set up instructions are included with product.

Dimensions of control box:

Length 21cm

Width 11cm

Height 18cm

Please note: Trackers Traps Pig Traps do not require the Control Box for setting or trapping pigs.  This is a time saving option.

SIM card required but not included.

Trackers Trigger Control Box can be utilised with any other type of trap or design.

Returns and refunds not offered for change of mind. Refer Refund Policy.