Collapsible Pig Trap

Our patented Collapsible Trap design only takes 2 minutes to set up.


Pre Feeding and Trapping over 1 week

15 pigs in 1 trap, 1 night.


Repetitive Entry Door on large trap

Feeding out and trapping with a large trap with our Repetitive Entry Door Design.

234 pigs in the 1st night, 148 pigs the 2nd night.


Collapsible Trap

17 pigs in 1 night, in 1 trap.


Photo gallery

Trail Cam Footage

Our innovative patented 2 way entry door allows pigs to continuously enter.

Pigs pushing each other into the trap.


Trail Cam Footage #2



Pre feeding (Nov ’21)

We worked on turning the pigs off their natural food source to come in and eat the trappers mix from the trap, working well.


Trail Cam Footage #3


Smaller pigs pushing in with ease.


Trail Cam Footage #4


The repetitive entry door – not deterring the pig from getting his feed and entering the trap.


Trail Cam Footage #5



Trail Cam Footage #6

Pre feeding using our Trappers Mix

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