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Trackers Traps is a family owned and operated business located in Central QLD.

Our effective feral pig traps were designed and backed with the knowledge, research, and experience of studying, tracking, capturing, managing and removing feral pigs with huge success across Australia over the last few decades.

Proven to be more effective than conventional styles of pig traps, our patented feral pig traps provide an effective, time efficient, easy to use solution that is readily available to allow the task of eliminating, controlling and managing feral pigs to be as easy and as simple as possible.

Trackers Traps can be shipped Australia wide.

Our traps are pat pending and design registered.

We are proud to provide Australian made and owned products to our wide range of customers and clients.



  • Australian owned and manufactured
  • Certified Australian made products
  • Supply Nation registered
  • An innovative pat pending design 2-way entry door that allows repetitive entry – as opposed to one set only.
  • Minimise manual handling
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Humane method of feral pig control
  • Stress free trapping for targeted animal
  • Safe for non-target species
  • Innovative door allows for quiet entry
  • The collapsible trap offers fast set up or pull down of around 2 minutes and folds down to 15cm in height.
  • No extra accessories are required (such as trip wires, steel posts, or remote-controlled gates etc)
  • Cover more area with more traps in half the time
  • Increase your capture and success rate – Capacity to capture 20 + pigs per standard size trap, more in larger panel trap.
  • Traps can be placed on sandy areas and beaches to manage pigs preying on turtle eggs.


  • Traditional owners
  • Australian Defence Force
  • National Parks and Wildlife Groups
  • Nature Conservation Organisations
  • Indigenous Rangers
  • Energy companies
  • Councils
  • NRM’s
  • Department of Environment & Science
  • Farmers and Producers
  • Large Pastoral Enterprises
  • Land, Sea and Marine protection
  • Water boards
  • Mining sector
  • Tourism Industry
  • Vertebrate pest control companies
  • Horse studs
  • Residential customers


Patent Application No. 2021901961
Registered Design No. 202117425
Registered Design No. 202213653


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